A community run network of air pollution monitors

Community Environmental Monitoring (CEM) is a community grassroots organisation, founded in 2020, that aims to empower communities to respond to air quality and other environmental issues through the installation and management of an open source environmental monitoring network. This project is coordinated from the lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation that have never been ceded.

We aim to produce robust data and information through the analysis of our own data and other publicly available data, and to communicate it in ways that are useful and accessible. We are committed to engaging with communities in their diversity, including with First Nations custodians of the environments in which we engage. Our group includes scientists, IT specialists, programmers, journalists, designers, artists and other interested community members. Our aim is to collaborate with a range of partners including community and research organisations.

View map of current pollution levels

We currently have approximately 50 low cost monitors installed in NSW, most of which are in Sydney. These monitors measure PM 2.5, PM 10, humidity and temperature. We are part of the global Sensor.community network that was initiated in Stuttgart and now has more than 14,000 citizen science monitors around the world. There are also many other grassroots environmental monitoring projects around the world that we learn from.

CEM briefing note on Bingo Industries licence changes

On September 11 2021, the NSW EPA issued an updated licence with new conditions for the Bingo Industries landfill site at Eastern Creet. From a lay perspective the changes seemed complex. For this reason, CEM research director and environmental scientist Charlie Pierce has prepared the following briefing note for the community.

CEM Submission to NSW Draft Clean Air Strategy from Community Environment Monitoring

In April 2021, we made a submission to the NSW Submission to NSW Draft Clean Air Strategy.

Add a monitor to the network

Sign up to request a monitor for your home, organisation, school, workplace etc. . We can install a monitor anywhere that has a power outlet and wifi. We're interested at expanding our capabilities to support more locations with solar or other technologies.

Access all the data

The monitors in the network take regular readings of PM 2.5 and PM 10. Through our connection with the Luftdaten network, you can get access to the full dataset, updates, and information about the monitors' locations.